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The 15 spacious areas of the development

The idea had been around for a long time. To offer an exceptional development in a prime location with more than generous land areas at fair square metre prices. This must guarantee sufficient privacy and tranquillity as well as optimal transport connections and short shopping routes. The shopping place St. Peters is only 2.5 ! km away and can be reached by bicycle without any problems.

The land areas should allow a maximum of self-sufficiency as well as design and variety of use. Especially for families and / or self-catering. Since clean drinking water is the basis of any settlement and garden or agricultural use, it must be available in sufficient quantity and quality. For this reason, no Atlantic property or one in the immediate vicinity of Bras Dor Lake was considered for this project. The land of the “small” development covers a total area of well over one million square meters and is surrounded by several fresh water lakes and streams. On the whole area there is a large pond with a stream on Lot 1. Most of the other plots in this development are connected to a stream and therefore also have sufficient surface fresh water. All lots are accessible via a newly constructed access road.

All areas already have a prepared access road into the plots and prepared open spaces of approx. 1.500 – 12.000 m².

This enables every serious interested party to have a look into the areas in advance in order to check which of the land areas is best suited for the implementation of their own plans. An enormous relief. A simpler, faster and clearly more favorable conversion of a development or cultivation is thus ensured.

Of course all areas are newly surveyed and entered in the register.


The objects are equally suitable as:

  • Investment for all those who do not have any building plans at the moment and would like to “leave” their land for the time being.
  • As agricultural and forestry land or for gardeners who want to put their own ideas into practice there.
  • As community objects which are shared by several families or friends.
  • As a family country estate in a sufficiently large format.
  • As a retirement home.
  • As a leisure and holiday object.
  • As a tangible asset Asset security outside the Eudssr.
  • As inheritance project for children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces.
  • So to say: “Canada land in the hands of children”.

I assure all future buyers of these sites that they will receive professional support in the planning of their projects to the value of 20 working hours per project.

This corresponds to a monetary advantage of 4,600 dollars including tax per planning project.


The property sizes (Status 2023.01.27):

Lot 1 112.000 m² (11.22 hectare) incl. pond und stream  
Lot 2 111.800 m² (11.18 hectare)    
Lot 3 64.600 m² (6.46 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 4 46.700 m² (4.67 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 5 59.400 m² (5.94 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 6 52.500 m² (5.25 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 7 60.700 m² (6.07 hectare) incl. stream SOLD
Lot 8 44.100 m² (4.41 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 9 46.000 m² (4.60 hectare) Show house incl. outbuildings, infrastructure and permaculture garden concept  
Lot 10 53.400 m² (5.34 hectare) incl. stream SOLD
Lot 11 52.000 m² (5.20 hectare) Lake view Coffe Lake  
Lot 12 110.900 m² (11.09 hectare) incl. stream SOLD
Lot 13 110.200 m² (11.02 hectare) incl. stream  
Lot 14 70.200 m² (7.02 hectare)    
Lot 15 37.300 m² (3.73 hectare)    


Location of the settlement:

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Overview of individual areas:

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Prime example in the development Lot 9:

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The special features in the overview:

  • Very large land areas in the outskirts of St. Peters( 2,5 km )
  • Fair price performance ratio and square meter prices
  • New access route, therefore best accessibility
  • New survey, thus legally secure acquisition without encumbrances
  • Optimal slightly undulating basic structure and good mixed forest stand
  • Already prepared driveways and large open spaces on each site
  • fastest possible use and development possible
  • No mass development
  • No 5G
  • Autarky possibility
  • Energy self-sufficiency concept as a prime example of development available
  • Expert advice on site guaranteed


Please contact us for more details of the individual areas in case of serious interest on request or after on-site inspection.

All information is subject to change and without guarantee.

Errors, mistakes, changes, advance sale reserved.