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Energy Concept


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Sun – Wood – Propane

The power supply of the house is guaranteed by a 5000 Watt solar system. The system is installed on a separate energy building, so to say our own “power plant”. The solar power system can easily be expanded to 7500 Watt. The roof concept of the “power plant” is already planned for this .

This extra building was built 50 meters away from the actual house and is used exclusively for the purpose of energy supply. Thus, as with the usual installation on the roof of the house itself, the electrosmog load is completely avoided and in the event of a possible fire, the fire brigade could easily fight the fire and the house would remain unaffected. An electric shock danger for the fire brigade is excluded because the complete power supply can be switched off safely from outside in case of need.

The orientation of the energy building was to the south with optimal roof pitch to the sun. The energy is fed into a battery bank. The batteries used are manufactured by Rolls in the most modern factory in Atlantic Canada. The energy reserve source is an encapsulated 15 KW propane generator located under the same roof on the opposite side of the power plant building.
The propane tank is also located at the rear of the building. Propane is also used for the kitchen stove and hot water preparation and heating. In addition, a solar thermal system provides hot water for heating and service water.
All power and propane supply lines to the house are underground and not visible.

The rear area of the energy building was constructed in a permanently ventilated manner and serves to accommodate a good 40 cubic meters of firewood for the wood heating and cooking stove in the residential house. This alone allows the show house to be heated as much as possible in winter and the regular heating system only needs to be used as a supplement or to heat the bathroom. The wood stove as well as the use of the solar thermal system reduces the propane consumption considerably and ensures the highest possible and long-term independence and self-sufficiency of the residents.